Seasons on the Apple Tree

Today we watched a presentation about seasons on the apple tree. Below you will find the video. Watch it again with your family and friends and talk about the differences between each season.

Write some thing that you and your family said about the different seasons. Bring them to class tomorrow to share with everyone!

California Earth Science Standard: 3a. Students that the weather changes from day to day but that trends in temperature or of rain (or snow) tend to be predictable during a season.

Let's Look at the Weather

Today we learned about different types of weather and what they look and feel like. We know that weather can change each day.

First, you will play a memory game. Click on each weather card and match it to the same weather card. Play the game here.

Each link below shows a different type of weather. Please click on each link and write a describing sentence about the weather you see in each picture. Each sentence should use a sparkle word. When you are done, you will have a paragraph with 4 sentences.

Draw or find a picture of your favorite kind of weather to match one of the sentences and bring your writing to share with a partner at school.

Now you're ready to make your own kind of weather! Use the Weather Maker to make your own weather here.

I'm Bloggin'!

Today is the first day of my blogging life...

I have never before ventured into this realm before and today I boldy step in! A stubborn disbeliever in FaceBook, I dare to wander into another land: The land of blogs. Perhaps this will fill my need for a socializing website such as EVERYBODY and their mother uses.

Let us see what happens...